A talent-based knowledge agency

Our mission is to yield insights into strategy, innovation, and social dilemmas providing technical assistance and research-based advisory services.

The research fields span a broad territory of deeply transformative trends, from demography and environment to technology, and from security and economics to human identity. Interdisciplinary research methodologies are integrated into creative long-term thinking. Our research generates the foresight needed to create insights that lead to action.

The Foundation's activities include:

Development cooperation

Crisis Prevention and Resolution; Peace and Capacity Building; Democratic Governance; Negotiation and Representation; Needs Assesment and Evaluation


International Affairs and Security; Country Study and Assessment; Public Governance; EU System Law, Institutions and Funded Programs; Socio-economic Trends

Training and Education

Training Courses and Teaching; Capacity Building; Training of Trainers (ToT); Communication Strategy and Visibility Development; Dissemination of Project Results

Advisory services

Forecasting and Strategic Foresight; Research & Analysis of Information (OSINT); Risk Assessment & Risk Management; New Media Communications & Social Intelligence


Our strength is in the network of professional affiliates and diverse academic and policy experts bridging various disciplines CIPI Foundation