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History and Growth

The name "CIPI" was coined by Jacopo Avogadro in December 2004 when initiating an informal network (the CIPI Network) among Italians in Brussels, Belgium. The CIPI network rapidly became a point of reference for thinking out-of-the-box and launched several successful initiatives in the field of "public governance and the EU", "security and intelligence", "sustainability and growth", and "new media and democracy". Last but not least, it launched an ambitious project to create the first collective intelligenge website in social sciences ( The CIPI network counted several hundreds members well beyond the initial Italian group of people.

With the Foundation's announcement in 2007, the CIPI Network ceased and transferred ownership of the domain name along with the copyrights for all materials related to its projects. The CIPI asbl assets were also transferred to The CIPI Foundation. A small venture and guarantee fund has been devolved to The CIPI Foundation by the co-founders.

In September 2007 The CIPI Foundation's board acknowledged that the corporation could not become the membership organisation it initially planned to be and unanimously agreed to pursue any legal and ethic endeavours raising funds with the explicit exclusion of earmarked contributions. Consequently, the Foundation has focused in a number of traditional activities (development cooperation; research; training and education) that have been integrated by a stream of new ventures (information analysis; risk related services; new media).

The CIPI Foundation is open to receive support from donors and sponsors.  Proposals and prospect candidate organizations wishing to support The CIPI Foundation are welcome to introduce their credentials to the attention of the Chairman of The CIPI Foundation.

All legal and accounting documents of The CIPI Foundation are publicly accessible, abiding to the relevant Belgian laws and regulations.