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The CIPI Foundation

starsThe CIPI Foundation is a no-profit organization legally established as an independent private foundation in Brussels, Belgium. It has been co-founded in 2007 by the CIPI asbl - an Italian interest group and network - that transferred its web of knowledge, experience and assets, and by Paolo Raffone who has generously contributed to its establishment and functioning.

The legal status of The CIPI Foundation is "fondation privée" under the Belgian company registry number 0890.023.993 and falls under the Title II Belgian law L 2002-05-02/51.

In May 2007 co-founder Paolo Raffone appointed to the board of The CIPI Foundation: Jacopo Avogadro, Chairman, and Valentina Strammiello, Treasury & Operations.

The Foundation's by-laws declare a statement of purpose of bringing accurate and accessible information and knowledge on cutting-edge European and global issues. However, within the scope of its by-laws it can engage in commercial activities provided that it abides to its no-profit status.

The CIPI Foundation is the legal owner of the web portals and - the collective intelligence network.

In addition, the Foundation manages multi-language educational, training and coaching courses, and is the publisher of books, periodic reports and papers, and a collection of e-book texts.

The CIPI Foundation has no employees and the whole of its net revenues are reinvested in its development and functioning. Its business model is that of a trust, partnership and no-profit holding.

Donations to The CIPI Foundation are not tax deductible for the Belgian federal income tax purposes. However, you are encouraged to donate.