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The Network of Ideas

From its early days CIPI has been commonly synonimous of network.

We believe that ideas are the fuel of debate and action, their flowing and sharing is endlessly bubbling in our activities.

The Network of Ideas is an informal interdisciplinary group of experts and personalities who have a meaningful relationship with The CIPI Foundation and its founders.

Sincere tokens of appreciation for their inspiring contribution go to:

Patrice Allain-Dupré, Professor at IEP Paris, Founder ESL & Network

Gudmundur Alfredson, Professor of law, former United Nations Human Rights officer

Orlando Arango, Economist, Deputy Head of Division, Development Economics, European Investment Bank

Nadia Arbatova, Director of the Dept. of European Political Studies, Russian Academy of Science

Ferdinando Beccalli-Falco, President and CEO of GE Europe & North Asia

Leonardo Becchetti, Professor of economics, University of Rome "Tor Vergata", President Ethic Committee at Banca Etica

Marie-Janine Calic, Professor of history, University of Munich

Lucio Caracciolo, Director Limes, Italian Review of Geopolitics

Federico Eichberg, Expert in geopolitics, Invitalia

Francesco Fallucchi, Director, Relations at Work

Maria Laura Franciosi, Journalist, Founding President Press Club Brussels Europe

Jean Michel Lavoizard, Economic Intelligence Specialist, Director EU Diligence LLC

Patrice le Hodey, Vice President, La Libre Belgique

Gerhard Kaiser, German Lawyer and Journalist

Inan Kamran, Turkish Politician, Statesman, Diplomat and Scholar

Ron Kingham, Co-Founder and Director, Institute of Environmental Security

Norbert Mappes-Niediec, German Journalist and Author

Claude Moniquet, President, ESISC - European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center

Elisabeth Naucler, Member of Parliament, Finland

Marko Orsolic, President IMIC - International Multireligious and Intercultural Center

Henri Paris, former French General, President Democraties

Nicola Pedde, Director, Institute for Global Studies

Jean-Francois Pilliard, Financial Services Expert, Partner Neat Point 

Pablo Piacentini, Director Columnist Service, Co-Founder IPS-Inter Press Service

Alessandro Politi, Italian Independent Strategic Analyst

Milorad Pupovac, Professor of philosophy, University of Zagreb, Member of the Croatian Parliament

David Rigg, Director, Project Associates

Umberto Saccone, Vice President Corporate Security, ENI

Tom Spencer, British politician, Scholar, Founder of ECPA - European Center for Public Affairs

Donald R. Sweitzer, Chairman Gtech Corp., former President of Dorset Resource & Strategy Group

Rinus van Schendelen, Professor at Erasmus University of Rotterdam

Sergio Vento, former Italian Ambassador