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Training and Education

trainingThe "CIPI Educational" synthesizes the experience, the knowledge and the networking capabilities of the CIPI Foundation and its collective intelligence network.

The scope of the "CIPI Educational" is to provide a customizable tool to learning, training, and playing as your brain teaser.

The "CIPI Educational" provides learning modules that apply to individual learning, groups, and institutions.

The learning experience is specifically tailored to the requests. It is important to distinguish between 'learning about' and 'learning how to be'. The first is explicit; the latter has a strong tacit dimension. But tacit dimension requires participation.

Although learning is seen as enculturation into a practice, training modules are designed for individuals and small groups. Moving from the ‘push model’ of learning about knowledge to the ‘pull model’ supports the rise of ecologies of doing in niches where the communities of co-creation live. These communities are cross generational, cross pollinating and involve professional and amateur participants.

Brain teaser modules can be developed on demand on a variety of social sciences subjects. Specific needs can be adressed involving external recognized experts, practitioners and academics.

To learn more about "CIPI Educational", please contact us.