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researchThe "CIPI Research" is only partially conducted in-house. The richness and novelty of the "CIPI Research" resides in the extensive collaborative network of contributors who animate the Foundation's work.

Most of the "CIPI Research" areas are identified by the collective intelligence of the people in our network and by the final users. Anybobody can participate, not only experts. All participants can propose new research areas and subjects. 

All research activities and published products belong exclusively to the authors. The "CIPI Resarch" applies the creative commons copyright policy.

Research at the CIPI Foundation is a radically new experience and concept when compared to traditional universities, think tanks, and research institutes.

The scope of research at the CIPI Foundation is to unlock the potential of the long tail in social sciences, offering a unique opportunity to anybody to participate in re-conceptualizing the future and the ideas. 

The Foundation hosts applied research projects. They are developed mostly in three areas: "public governance"; "risk assessment & security" and "geopolitics".

Finally, the "CIPI Research" team has specialized in research and analysis of the information from open sources (OSINT).

To learn more about "CIPI Research", please contact us.