Current vision and endeavors

The collapse of the Eastern Bloc (Soviet-led Europe) provided the distorting prism of the final victory of Western Europe (American-led Europe) on the basis of the idea that all political alternatives had been exhausted. This optimism has already sustained damage, and there are indications of a new orientation emerging that cannot remain without effect in the realm of European, transatlantic and worldviews. The dissolution of accustomed ideological classifications is enhanced by the finance-driven extraction of social value and the spreading of a mass technological order. It is the starting point of a revolution that reopens the discussion on great political problems, examining the confrontation between aspirations to a change and conservative attitudes. In this process, the overturn of strategy and tactic has changed the meaning and role of the leadership, challenging the modern concepts of sovereignty and representation. Europeans are now faced with a sharp real-world impact that implies the abandonment of infantilism and fetishism. The European union must radically redefine different strategies of integration that provide a credible and sustainable re-positioning in the post-American world.  

Understand is to transform the world; Today, above all, it must be preserved!

(Günther Anders)


The CIPI Foundation provides realist and independent European strategic vision.


​The CIPI analyses determine the possible trends in the complex relationship of preservation and change in the Euro Atlantic space.


The CIPI Foundation contributes to European-generated next big ideas for the twentieth first century. 

The CIPI tools and services are designed to address the transformative challenges and to foster a new cultural vision, for instance: 


  • To search for harmony in the fluctuations of hierarchies and priorities: from competitive to cooperative; from individualistic to collaborative; from materialist to sustainable


  • To deal with non-hierarchical and non-centralized political organizations and institutions that structurally overturn the political logic of modernity


  • To find the sustainable balance in dynamic topologies of strategy and tactic, of centralized leadership and democratic initiatives, and of spontaneity and planning