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The Foundation competes to set the agenda with provocative ideas and cutting-hedge activities. The CIPI Foundation aims to supply "the next big idea" for the leaders of both private and public organizations.

The CIPI Foundation operates as an incubator for innovative projects, a laboratory of intelligence unlocking the participative debate for a far-reaching consensus-building process.

The Foundation is a legal entity registered in Belgium with the ID number 0890.023.993 and the legal address in Brussels, Avenue de la Chasse 135, 1040 Belgium.


It is composed of 6 business units supported by its network of loosely affiliated people and diverse academic and policy experts bridging various policy disciplines.


Funding comes from individuals, foundations and corporations. The Foundation's projects-generated revenues are another funding source.

The CIPI Foundation does not conduct "contract" research for special-interest groups and it is not affiliated with any political party, business, or foundation.

The CIPI Foundation is the owner of the following domains:

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